• Entry #1

    I'll start with the purpose of this journal, and this website as a whole. I need a space to display my work and to keep a record of my experiences. I have found that not writing about the things I have I have gone and done has led me to forget memories that I still have fond feelings for. It's like I can see the shadow of the memory, but the detail of the thing is absent. I have too many future planned adventures to allow for that to keep happening. I'm making it public because I hope my experiences might help other people plan their own adventures. They can learn from my mistakes, as well as from my successes. But I have no delusions of granduer with this. I do not intend this to be some great travel blog. Already far too many of those exist. This is just for me and for those few who may be interested in what I do with my free time. 

    ***END OF ENTRY***